3 Reasons Why Hiring A Freelance Writer Will Save You Money


It’s not too far fetched to say that most people don’t like to write.  Whether they’re afraid of making a grammatical mistake (Common Mistakes) or just lack the patience to put thoughts down, truth is, most people don’t like to write.  Writers are wired differently, they enjoy the solitude and tedium of writing, no, they love the process.  Like a fish to water, a writer is to words. If you have content needs, why would you risk it and use someone other than a professional writer?  They love to write, you don’t, and it’ll show up in the content.

There are a multitude of reasons why outsourcing makes sense and here are 3 reasons why hiring a freelance writer will save you money. The benefits of outsourcing to a freelancer can be summarized in these three simple words.


1) It’s been said that time is money and if you’re like most, your work day has moments of absolute chaos and hectic business, followed by huge lulls of activity.  That means we’re less productive than we could be.  It’s usually during those lulls that we get around to tackling those secondary, less important tasks.  By outsourcing those secondary tasks to a professional, it will allow you to use those moments in your day as downtime to improve your productivity.  Think about it.  If you had 2 hours in your work day devoted to writing content that is secondary to your normal job tasks, you could hire a freelancer to tackle that job and free you up to focus your downtime on something more specifically suited to your precise duties.  Are you a lead sales generator? Then those extra couple hours a day add up to much more time contacting potential clients to crete those leads. Added up over the course of the week, these little savings in your work day end up giving you more time to focus your efforts on finding new clients.  And simply by the law of averages, the more leads you can generate, the greater chance at closing, the more you and your business benefits. IMPROVE PRODUCTIVITY BY OUTSOURCING 2) For most businesses writing content and copy is something they believe to be a necessary, yet costly evil. Having to pay writers to take care of content makes sense as long as there’s work to be done.  But during those down times when content catches up with the workload, you’re paying a writer to sit around and appear to look busy. You’re paying their salaries and benefits, even their 401k possibly.  It’s all added costs to you and your business.  In other words, you’re most likely paying that writer to slow down, encouraging diminishing returns on your investment of their labor. For a large corporation, its one thing to have in house marketing and copywriters which can make sense. But for any small business, you may not have the budget to carry a full-time salary for that writer.  So while it makes sense for the big guys to house copywriters full-time, it may not make “cents” for the smaller guys. From a budgetary standpoint, it could save you tons of money outsourcing your content needs to a service or individual and pay them on a per-project basis or retainer and save you and your business huge amounts of money. FOCUS YOUR STRENGTHS WHERE THEY BELONG 3) You’re a professional. An expert in your field working hard to maximize that expertise.  By freelancing your content work out to a professional writer, you’re guaranteeing that the work is going to be better than anything produced as a secondary task in house. It’s like planning your wedding reception.  You can hire your cousin to DJ to play songs, you can hire a professional DJ, or hire a professional band.  They each have their own merits, cost perhaps being one of them, but in the end ask yourself what has more value for you and your guests? Which one creates the ultimate experience and memory for you and your guests, and is the price that much of a difference that you’d like to cut those corners? No offense to your cousin, they may be great at what they do. They could be a phenomenal dentist or clerk but they’re not a professional musician and do you want to leave something as important as your wedding reception to your cousin? Hiring a professional writer is the same thing. You can write the content on your own, hand it off as a secondary duty to someone else in office, or hire a pro.  Remember, you get what you pay for and who you pay. There are countless more reasons why outsourcing your content needs makes sense for you and your business. If you have content needs and don’t have the budget and staff of a multi-national corporation, then you should seriously consider outsourcing your content and copy needs to a professional freelance writer.  If you think about these 3 reasons why hiring a freelance writer will save you money, you’ll find that by saving time you can become more productive to earn more money with the right expertise.  Things we all find in short supply these days and could use more of. In the end, it all comes down to three simple reasons you should outsource your writing and content needs to a freelance writer. Best of all, you can free yourself up to do what you do best, increasing your productivity and increasing your profit line.

UPDATE:  Recently I read Linda Formichelli’s book THE RENEGADE WRITER and it helped inspire some of the direction of this article.  If you’d like to read more about how hiring a freelance writer can save you money, you can purchase her book here: