3 Tips The World Cup Can Teach You About Your Content Marketing Strategy

It’s that time of year again.  World Cup action is beginning in Brazil and the world’s game is being watched and enjoyed by millions of people, all with rousing national interests.

Widely acknowledged as the largest sporting event in the world, the “beautiful game” as it’s been called happens once every 4 years and this year is taking place in Brazil.

While the field of 32 teams have already been chosen, in less than one month a champion will be named.  But the work the teams and athletes put in are what are going to make or break their success.  The games are merely the pageantry of all their time spent honing and sharpening their skills.

So how does this help your Internet Marketing or Content Marketing strategy?  Simple.

1) BE DECISIVE:  It took the coaches and players years to develop their skills to reach the elite level but one thing they all had was they chose to focus on just one thing.  Soccer. Or “football” as it’s known throughout the world.  And by focusing on just this one thing, they worked hours upon hours refining their skill set to hone themselves into the best of the best.

Did luck play into it? Sure, a little.  But determination and discipline they mastered by focusing on just one thing – being the best soccer player they could become.

And your marketing strategy should take the same approach.  Focus on one niche, one area and dedicate the hours necessary to operate in that one field of expertise.  You’ll stumble some along the way, hey, nobody said success doesn’t without some setbacks, but focus on one area and you’ll see incredible gains faster than if you were scattered.

2) TEST:  World class athletes achieve their standing by years of testing.  From sprints and weight training, to daily scrimmages and one-on-one drills, to competitions.  They lay a foundation every day by testing what works and what doesn’t.  If something works they quickly put that in their repertoire, and if something doesn’t, they try it again with a slight tweak to see if it makes any difference in the outcome.

Said again, they test daily and tweak what doesn’t work until it does.

3) WORK: Get to work. Daily.  This is not a hobby.  Once these athletes settled on their one thing, they tested themselves against the clock, against teammates, against competitors but the absolute truth is that they worked everyday.  It was a passion that was disciplined.

They set out goals and made detailed steps toward making little accomplishments until that developed into the outcome they wanted.  But the key was they worked on their task daily.

With the World Cup on display, it’s the team work, the camaraderie, the defense, passing and goals scored that people will remember. What separates each member of the roster that comprises each team from the countless others who attempted to make the roster but weren’t able achieve their level of success?  What separated those who “made it” from those who didn’t? They made a conscious decision, tested themselves and put in the hours, days, months and years to make it happen.  Rain or shine they showed up daily to put in the work and improve.

Playing the games like seeing your strategy succeed, is a by product of the process you commit yourself toward.