Founded in 2012, Copy Genie is a full-service boutique copywriting agency. Our freelance copywriters are dedicated to turning your boring, dry content and sprinkling a little magic into the copy.

Take a look around the web and you’ll just how drab and dull the content is.From blog posts that spout nonsense about the “Top 10 Things You Need For X” or “3 Ways To Y”, there’s a lot of content that just doesn’t do the trick.

Worse yet are the landing pages and product reviews that don’t say a damn thing worthwhile.They make promises as dumb as doornails about fluff and stuff that doesn’t matter to you or your clients.

In other words, most of what you see online is trash and serves no purpose.

Most content marketers lack the imagination and passion of a genuinely creative agency. Copy genie is comprised of copywriters with an artistic flair, writers with degrees in English to offer a unique perspective to online copywriting.

At Copy Genie, we’re passionate about making your content shine.

Contact us today to see all that we can do for you and your copywriting needs.