Craft A Winning Creative Brief

The Benefits of Creative Briefs For You and Your Copywriter

Freelance copywriters for hire.

When you launch a new campaign, whether it’s in the B2B or consumer-related fields, putting together the right design team and finding the right copywriters for hire and getting them all up to speed for the task is critical. And getting the writer up to speed is crucial for your project’s success and outcomes.

That’s why a creative brief is a critical component after you hire a new copywriter.

What is a creative brief?

It’s a one-page summary of all the things you’d like your design team and creatives (in this instance, copywriter) working on the project to address and accomplish.

Elements of A Creative Brief

A good creative brief should define:

  • What is the project?
  • Who is it for?
  • Why is the project important for us?
  • What are the steps toward implementation?

Another key attribute is to have your creative brief address what the benefits are for your clients and design team so that together, there are metrics established for success and accountability.

So how do you find the right copywriter to add to your design team and project?

The obvious route is to have a full-time staffer and writer on board already, but that can be inefficient and costly for many smaller companies.

The Benefits of Copywriters for Hire

Check out this article from Copyblogger or this one from Jennifer Gregory’s blog post at The Content Marketing Writer. Both will discuss the differences between what a copywriter does and a content marketer attempts to do, and I’ve discussed the elements of effective copywriting as well.

There are many different ways to find a number of decent copywriters for hire, from job boards like Upwork, Textbroker, and Fiverr or posting on a premium site like Problogger. You can also try local Craigslist ads to find the writer your content demands.

There’s just one problem with sites like Upwork and Fiverr. The sites work like this: you post a job, list your requirements, and budget. The site is built on an international platform, so you get people bidding from all around the globe.

While that means you may get lower bids, it means you may be sacrificing quality at the same time.

Why? Because if you get a writer willing to take on your project for pennies on the dollar, you may be getting threads for clothing.

Another problem is that there are a lot of writers that English is a second language to them, or they have different forms of expression such as in the south, “Y’all” is a pretty standard form of “You + All” and is recognizable almost everywhere in America. But to someone out of the country, Y’all may seem to be a misspelling of the word, “Yawl” – which is a nautical term.

Additionally, many of the writers on these sites are content marketing writers, not actual copywriters.

What’s the difference?

Meanwhile, a site like Problogger and their job board can find you great copywriters for hire, but it’ll cost you to advertise. Starting at $70 a month for a job listing on a site like Problogger can be worth it, but if you advertise on a number of websites, it can begin to add up quickly.

Perhaps finding a local writer is something you want. Craigslist is a free platform to use, but again, as many of the content mills discussed earlier, you get what you pay for, and you may want to reconsider this strategy.

Another strategy to consider is posting your writer needs on Facebook, but the problem with this approach is that if someone isn’t already engaging with your page, your post will be blind to them.

The reason for this is simple.

The Problem With Facebook and LinkedIn for Hiring Copywriters (and Other Creatives)

42179335 – hong kong,china – july 2, 2011: macro image of clicking the facebook icon on an ipad screen

Facebook runs on an algorithm that creates a feedback loop of what a user has engaged in positively, and tunes out the content the user haven’t engaged in or similar to content they have blocked.

Your go around to this is ad targeting to a specific audience – in this case, freelance copywriters for hire – but again, it could become expensive if not done correctly.

Finally, what about a service platform such as Linkedin?

Much like Facebook, the connections you have on LinkedIn are run by an algorithm designed to give you a confidence-feedback loop that connects you with people and services that you already are connected with, to varying degrees of connection.

Say you’re in the in the Health niche for example.

One would think that LinkedIn would be a good place to look for a copywriter, but it may prove to be difficult. Why? Because unless you can set a highly targeted search for copywriters for hire in the health niche, you’ll be searching in a closed loop of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd “connections.” And since most of your connections are going to be of similar business and interests, finding a copywriter that understands your business will be tough to come by.

So now that you’ve explored options to finding a copywriter, your next goal should be getting on the same page with the writer.

Too often businesses look to hire a writer and after a round or two of articles, and money spent, discover that what the business needs and what the writer is offering are way off target.

That’s where a creative brief can come in handy.

What a creative brief can do is alert the writer to some things they should know in handy, bullet point formats that allow them to steep themselves in your brand and brand culture quickly.

In addition to what we already discussed about a creative brief, you should address the direction of your content with concepts such as the following:

Copywriters for hire monthly calendar


A simple calendar of promotions you already run; a list of conferences you attend (B2B); editorial calendar of topics for your blog and other articles, including email/newsletter deadlines.

What type of content are you using currently and what would you like to do with future content? Are you looking to expand from blog posts into email marketing for your services? Are you looking to build on a previously failed campaign using a new set of data points to explore? Also, who are some of your competitors and what are they doing with their content? A quick link to an article or two can go a long way in helping your new copywriter get up to speed quickly.

A simple, data-oriented profile of who is using/purchasing your offerings and products. What are the statistics of who is buying your offerings such as; age, gender, family size (or business size – B2B) amount spent per visit/order, potential tie-ins to promote, income levels, education levels, etc. This will help the copywriter see your audience and assist the writer craft their content in such a way as to address them and their needs perfectly.

Before you set out on a new project, sit down and write a creative brief that you can use for your design team. By addressing the metrics you’d like to see, as well as the outcomes you’d like your project to accomplish, you’ll give your team a much better pathway toward success. This will be of great benefit for your client’s success, your business’ success, and any copywriters for hire you decide to use.

If you need a copywriter to oversee your new project, build your brand awareness, increase your traffic, and improve your conversions, fill out the contact form below.