What Is Effective Copywriting and Why It Matters


Learn How To Convert Your Traffic With Effective Copywriting


This post will help answer the question what is effective copywriting and why it should matter to you in the online world.

Writing for a digital marketplace has become its own cottage industry.

Everyone throws around terms like SEO copywriting, content marketing, and Internet marketing – and each term has developed their own fans and practitioners.

But what does it all mean?

Truthfully, nothing.

In the end, terms like SEO copywriting, content marketing, and Internet marketing are only different ways of achieving the same thing – how to get in front of people and get them excited to take action.

Traffic generation doesn’t do much without a plan of action to get prospects, leads and readers motivated to act.

That’s the sign of effective copywriting, and a professional copywriter knows the pressure points to apply in their copy that others don’t.

Whether you’re in sales or the service industry, getting in front of people is only the first step. And while taking that first step is important, it’s what you do, or don’t do, that’s most important.

What is that all-important step?

To get your readers and your audience to take action.

But how?

The Truth About Website Traffic

Too often content ends at this point.

The focus of the content is on attracting traffic at the sacrifice of movement. And the writing isn’t very good or focused toward an end result.

Readers arrive at your page, post or product and it’s unclear what they should do next, or worse yet, why they’re on your page at all.

Because the content that got them to arrive on your page wasn’t guided, it didn’t direct a certain type of reader – the one you want to convert from reader (or “lead) to customer.

Think about it this way, if you were in your car and came on a four-way intersection that lacked stop lights or police to guide and direct traffic, what you’d get into is a massive traffic jam without anyone being able to get anywhere.

To get more directed traffic, you need to act as the police to guide the traffic through your intersections of your website, post or product review.

You need to write more effective copywriting, but too often publishers, marketers, and retailers think that their content is good enough.

  • Because their content explains the product in detail.
  • Or that their content is uniform in tone.
  • And they get a ton of traffic from their content.

Wrong, wrong, wrong again.

Remember that in service, it’s about the customer.

It’s about their wants, their needs, and how you’re making their problems disappear.

And sales is the same.

Whether you’re selling a car, life insurance or a new gadget – selling is about getting your customer what they want easier than they could have before they interacted with you.

So how do you get your potential leads to convert?


Take The Trash Out Now

In order to get your traffic to convert, the first thing you need to do is find the right type of traffic. Finding the prospective lead is a huge part of your content strategy, but once you find them, what comes next?

You have to motivate them with your copywriting.

Effective copywriting is about using the right words to motivate a reader.

Copywriting then is more than just writing about a product or service to get traffic.

It’s about the words you choose to use, and those you decide not to use that can be a deal maker or deal breaker.

Free – New – You – are all great words with power that attract the reader, and if included with a time-element, especially one that emphasizes the moment NOW, will add an element of immediacy.

And immediacy is impulsive.

It’s an action we take on based on desire.

It feels good to act impulsively. So your copywriting should emphasize that benefit.

For example, instead of saying “lose weight with X” – your copy would work better if it read, “How I lost 10 pounds overnight and looked great at the wedding.”


The Importance Of Now or Never

If I told you that you could have $1 million dollars for free by signing up for an email list, what would you think?

Other than the thought, “what a scam, what’s the catch?,” how motivated are you to sign-up?

But what if I told you that you could have $1 million dollars by signing up for an email list, but only if you did it in the next hour? Are you more curious? Do you feel a little knot in your stomach, if even for a brief moment?

That’s the power of scarcity.

Scarcity creates added value by placing an immediacy to taking action.

If you could have a limited edition, signed copy of your favorite record by your favorite musician versus a general release, which one would you value more?

Now, what if you could only get that special deal, limited release in the next 5 minutes?

That’s the power of scarcity.

Adding a time element to any action increases the desire to make it happen. Because nobody wants to miss out on something important.

It’s the FOMO syndrome.

And effective copywriting will motivate your readers to take action.

So place your customers’ desires, wants, and needs as your priority.

But do it soon, before this opportunity ends.

They will convert, right now.



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