How do I get more writing done in lesser time?

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Answer by David Throop:

6 Simple Ways To Write More In Less Time
There always seems to be more tasks and demands than we have time for. So how do you get every thing you need done?
Understand that there are 24 hours in a day.  How you prioritize how you use those hours can dictate your productivity and output. 
Specifically to writing, there are a few tips that will help you become more efficient, getting more writing and in less time.
Here Are 6 Simple Tips To Writing More, Faster:
  1. Set a deadline:  Nobody likes deadlines, but the make us get to work.  Setting a deadline is critical to actually getting your work done.
  2. Outline: Having an idea and the flow of how you plan to explain your ideas is critical.  It will help keep you on track that will help avoid any unnecessary paths.  

    Know who you're writing for and why they should care. What is their benefit from your writing?

  3. Know your subject. Easier to write about things we already know well.
  4. Write In The Flow: Think stream of consciousness here. The trick is using your outline to guide your writing more efficiently while letting your writing flow.
  5. Edit:  This is actually the most time demanding of all.  But good writing is based on great editing.
  6. Set a timer: Work in highly intense periods with smaller limited breaks (otherwise known as the Pomodoro Method). 

How do I get more writing done in lesser time?