4 Simple Keys To Creating A Successful Marketing Campaign

How To Guarantee Improved Conversions

Are you struggling with conversions on your blog? Is your marketing campaign underperforming? Why do you think that is? Are you publishing the right type of content regularly, or is the theme of your blog difficult to understand?

For example, is your blog about how to improve your tennis game, but you’re writing content about a new tennis shoe? Yeah, they may be loosely related concepts, but unless done really well, may make your readers confused as to the point of your blog.

With that said, there are four simple things that even the most inexperienced marketer and blogger can do to improve your conversion.

1) Experiment: Try new things, new techniques, new ways to say the same thing. Have you and your business never been on social media? Create an account on one. Post a number of different types of articles, videos, and images related to what your services are. What is grabbing the attention of your audience?

Never used video on your blog? Set one up that shows your services in action.

2) Test: Did your new platform or content work? Is the content the right tone for your audience?

Test it by using one source as a control and another as the competition. Which one worked to convert better?

Which of the content worked to convert better?

For example, if you are using video for your blog, create two different ones, each with specific calls-to-action for each one and have a way to track them. Which performs better? Analyze the data and figure out why one is outperforming the other.

Perhaps it’s the tone in the better-converting video, or the direct language (“act now!”) that is outperforming the other. Understand what works and what doesn’t goes a long way toward determining if your marketing campaign will be a success or not.

Now, make the better performing one as the control and test it against a new video to see what works better. Just like in school, keep testing to see what is the best converting one.

Just like in school, keep testing to see what is the best converting one.

3) Do what works: When you test between a control and a competitor, find out which one works.

And do more of it.

The Pareto Principle claims that you’ll receive 80% of your output will come from 20% of your efforts.

So focus on that 20 % of things that convert. If you find one aspect outperforming the others, dedicate more time, energy and efforts to those that are outperforming the others.

4) Avoid what doesn’t work: Disregard those items that don’t convert. You have a finite amount of time, energy, and other resources, so why squander them on things that don’t convert?

Armed with data from your experimentation and testing, focus your efforts on what works and disregard (for the moment) what didn’t work.

Stop wasting time on what doesn’t matter to your marketing campaign(s) and focus your efforts on what does convert.

Finally, Analyze Your “Failures.”

Now that you’ve improved your conversions reflect back on what didn’t work. Analyze why it underperformed. Was it the right tone for your audience? Was it the right image for your readers?

Try to understand why it underperformed, tweak it and try it again. Were there any noticeable improvements in its conversion? If so, why do you think that was?

If so, why do you think that was? If not, why not? By analyzing your past marketing campaign failures, you can rework that content and test it against what is already converting. You may find that with a little tweaking, your previous content that underperformed may become your best performing stuff yet.

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