What is content writing?

Answer by David Throop:

As Andrei CristianJhumur Nandi and Abishek Thomas have written so eloquently before me, content writing is the by-product of a provider who creates the content needed for (among others):

  • a business,
  • a blog article or the whole blog,
  • product reviews,
  • newsletters,
  • emails – promotional, advertisements, etc
  • white paper – a report that details specific metrics, goals and objectives in a certain industry.
  • website – all the text on any page

Basically content writing is providing the text that is needed by a client for a specific audience.  If it is to motivate the audience toward a specific goal or action, then it morphs from "content writing" to "copywriting".

Content writing and copywriting are almost one and the same, just copywriting takes on a much more targeted, outcome oriented task then content writing.

What is content writing?