What Is Effective Copy Writing?

Copywriting is a little bit of a mystery to most people.

It’s a term that many people and businesses toss around but not many can define it concretely.

Truthfully we had to look it up. Simply, it’s persuasive writing that will motivate the reader to take some sort of action.

But it’s simpler said than done and that’s why it’s so important to hire a professional copy writing service to handle your copywriting needs.

Look, anyone can be a content provider.  If you can form a simple sentence then you can write basic content.

But the good ones?  They’ll take your content needs and make them something that is a must read.

But how do you know if it’s good or not?  Here are a 3 elements of good copy writing that you should look for:

1) Does the content read like it’s personal?  Nobody likes to be talked at, but we almost all enjoy being part of a conversation. Look, as human beings we’re all social creatures.  Don’t believe me?  Delete your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts then.  I dare you! We all like to see how and what our friends and family is doing, and the whole social media industry is worth BILLIONS because of it.  Keep in mind as social creatures we are connected with each other as a survival mechanism, and good copy writing will reach out to you and make a connection to share something with you.

2) Does it touch your audience emotionally?  The value of this technique is somewhat of a debatable topic, but the truth is, we all like to be stimulated.  And good copy writing will touch on an emotion in the reader to help make a connection.  A great example of good copy are the commercials that are on TV that touch on some product that improves the user’s health, face, skin.  Right now I’m watching a commercial for a face cream that works to solve acne – you know, zits.  It’s layered with testimonials from current users to lend it validity, which makes it personal as they talk about their problems with acne and how this face cream solved it. There are even before and after pictures to prove how wonderful the cream works! Our ancestors had to deal with a number of threats to their lives on a daily basis, from large predators to disease and hunger, and being emotionally connected to each other was a part of how they learned what worked and what didn’t and was a big part of their survival mechanism.

This face cream commercial touches on the first two elements of effective copy writing, which brings us to our third element:

3) Does it have a deadline?  Good, effective copy writing will make a connection with you socially and emotionally, and it will create a sense of urgency.  You’ve seen those infomercials that say if you act now you’ll receive an additional 20% off, or they’ll add not 1 but 2 different extras for free!  This helps create a deadline and an idea of scarcity.  Scarcity of food or water in ancient times meant that it’d be a while before you’d eat again, so it would motivate us to collect and store food for the leaner times. Good copy writing touches on this behavior and helps motivate us by creating an idea of scarcity, meaning it would create an immediate motivation to act.

From connection to emotion to scarcity, the rewards that come from knowing what is effective copy writing is important for any size business, large or small.  Remember, its about connecting with your readers and motivating them to take the desired action.  So if you want to improve your conversion rates or need to generate better actions from your audience, you must hire your content needs to a professional copy writing service that can take your content needs and turn it into effective copy writing.

Act now, before it’s too late! Because if you don’t, your competitor is and you have to ask yourself how much are you willing to lose out to them?