The 10 Steps To Making Your Blog Popular


How To You Make Your Blog More Popular in 10 Steps

How To Make A Popular Blog
Before we come to the answer of how to make your blog more popular, it’s important to consider what are the expectations for increasing popularity.
Are you trying to get, and retain, more readers?
Or are you trying to gain more traction within a certain community?
Build a brand or voice of authority? Perhaps you want to convert that popularity and traffic into consumers?
By deciding on the outcome first, it makes it easier to know which channels that could be considered to grow an audience and increase popularity.
The single most important thing is to build a blog that has an ideal reader in mind. I write a blog and publish a blog that focuses on writing using habit formation to help improve a writer’s skill – you can see it at Writer Life
For example, American Satirist Kurt Vonnegut always said he wrote for his wife or daughter in mind.
  • Who is your ideal reader?
  • What do they look like? Age, weight, height, how do they wear their clothes and hair?
  • What is their personal life like? Think about their thoughts on family, work, vacations, memories they may have.
  • Imagine what they have planned to do in 6 months. Are they looking to move, buy a new car, go on a trip?
  • What are you trying to provide them with an answer to a problem, or relating to them in one way or another?

Content For Your Blog: Know Your Audience And Solve Their Thirst

Defining your reader is first, next is discovering what makes them tick.  Think about what would keep them up at night, or what would be their favorite thing to do.  The ideal reader is thirsty for the solution.  Give it to them and you’ll have a “drinking” buddy for life!
So now that you know your reader, crafting a post that will become popular is technique driven.
Top professionals like Jon Morrow and Neil Patel are great at discussing what goes into awesome blog posts.
  1. Post Continuously: Set a calendar of when you’re going to post content on your blog. Stick to it, just like paying your rent or mortgage, this calendar is absolute! Nothing becomes stale for an audience like old content or waiting around for something new to read. Eventually they’ll lose interest and motivation to follow your blog posts.
  2. Headlines Matter! The most likable headlines are ones that include a number of key points.  They’re snappy, have a decided benefit, they include a specific number of things you can do in a short amount of time and they grab attention! Jon Morrow runs an excellent blog that details all the relevant points about headlines.  You can check out Jon Morrow’s blog – especially a post about writing headlines by clicking this sentence.
  3. Use Images: Neil Patel who runs the amazingly detailed blog QuickSprout among other things, claims that for every 350 words, include a picture. You can read more of Neil Patel by clicking this sentence.
  4. Edit or Die! Writing is about expressing an intimate thought with your reader.  You wouldn’t expect to audition for a play with out first memorizing and testing out the lines over and over again. Not everything you write is going to be good enough for consumption, and that’s ok.  Good writing requires that you write, edit for grammar and sentence flow mistakes, eliminate the unnecessary fluff, rewrite and then edit/rewrite some more.  Shakespeare never wrote a play and walked away, it was a continuous edit of years for some of his masterpieces.


The Final 6 Steps To Making A Blog More Popular

By knowing these specific details about your ideal reader, you’ll have a better idea of what to write about for them. And by knowing what to write, you’ll have the content you need to be able to promote it.
  1. Pay For Traffic – using Google adwords, Yahoo/Bing ads or other forms is a direct way to increase traffic to your blog.  But only if you know how to write copy – that is, the type of writing that motivates someone to take a desired action, in this case, click on your ad to visit your blog.
  2. Aggregate Social Media – Use Social Media to help drive the popularity of your blog.  You can link a post to any number of social media platforms, from Google Plus, Facebook and Instagram to Twitter and more. You can use apps like Buffer or Hootsuite to help you get your content delivered to your social media channels.  What these apps do is allow you to upload a link of your posts, schedule a release date and time, and free you up to do other promotional aspects.
  3. Stumbleupon – A web 2.0 property that will help drive new people to your blog.  If you have compelling content with great visuals you can add your blog post to Stumbleupon that will randomly include your post to new readers.
  4. Video and Podcasts: Create a Youtube channel that delves into topics that are relevant to your blog and link back to your site.  Podcasting is another way to increase popularity for your blog, a great example of this is Pat Flynn’s SmartPassiveIncome or the guys at SelfPublishingPodcast – Sean Platt, David Wright and Johnny B. Truant.
  5. Post Comments and Questions: Find relevant other blogs and forums (such as Quora or Reddit) that have an audience with the same interests. Their ideal reader may have similarities as yours and they can also help you discover new topics to write about for your own blog.
  6. Guest Posting:  Find a blog that has similar interests as yours and reach out to the webmaster/publisher about guest posting. Pitch them an idea that will benefit their readers, not your own. You can include a link back to your blog in either the article or author page, depending on  the publisher’s desires.  This should be your best content, something that will wow the audience and make them interested in finding out more about the blog you publish.
In the end, there are a number of ways to make your blog more popular, these are but a few suggestions.  The key is to know who you’re writing and posting for, set a continuous publishing calendar, adhere to it, and make it compelling.
If you need help with your writing (or habit development) visit my blog at Writer Life to see how I handle the ups and downs of a writer’s life.

What is the best way to make your blog more popular?