Why It Makes “Cents” To Hire A Freelance Copywriter

As the song goes, “it’s summer time and the living’s easy”.

We all know the days are longer and the nights warmer and that means people are taking time off for vacations and travel. It also means that we, as a country, celebrate our Independence with an extra long weekend and all the myriad sights and sounds of Bar-be-cues, hotdogs and fireworks linger on the air.

Ah, summer.

But what if you have a business to run?  What do you do for your readers waiting for the next blog post, email or newsletter? Or customers and clients clamoring for your products and services?  All that vacation time can really add up to have a detrimental effect upon your production and a negative effect on your bottom line.  So, what do you do?

If you’re smart, you look to outsource your needs to a freelancer.  As professionals, freelancers are available in all shapes and sizes, all skills and professions, from small boutiques to large agencies and cover any needs you and your business may have.  Often a freelancer is able to meet your needs and exceed them, many times outperforming traditional “in-house” talent.


It’s because freelancers are professionals who are passionate about what they have to offer in their niches.  Freelancers are specialists in a specific skill, one that they’ve honed for years and years.  Think of a new surgeon.  They may not have the years of experience as a 20 year veteran, but you still value their education and training over that of someone walking in off the street. This is the same with assigning an employee to do work that is away from their specialty. Many times the “in-house” employee assigned to a task may be one that they aren’t interested in, trained for or passionate about, and the difference between these two types of skills is both clear and obvious.

The proof is in the pudding so to speak.

Another good example of a professional freelancer is that of a lawyer.  Unless you’re a large corporation or need to have an attorney on retainer, you look for a lawyer to represent you once you have a need.  And just like a surgeon, you wouldn’t hire a truck driver to perform brain surgery, so why would you assign tasks to employees that don’t have the skills, passion or training to perform the operation?

And with it being summer time, reassigning tasks such as copywriting with “in-house” employees to help cover the loss due to summer vacations could spell doom for your writing needs. While outsourcing your copywriting and content writing needs may not be your first response to a staffing problem, but it can save you money in the long run.

A recent google keyword search shows that “copywriter” is averaging over 9,000 searches a month, while “copywriting” and “freelance writing” is at 5,400 and 4,400 searches a month respectively. What that means is there are solution oriented businesses looking to outsource their needs to professionals.  And while they are spending a little more to outsource, they’re also receiving premier, top-notch work and allowing their employees to repurpose their energies into other categories that help spur productivity and maximize their profit margins.

Hiring a freelancer is going to save you time and trouble, but it’s not going to be cheap and Michael Ford’s book, Outsourcing For Killer Profits: How To Hire Freelancers discusses the best ways, tactics and tips you need for maximizing your time and profit line by outsourcing.

You’ll have to do a little research into what your specific needs are and how a freelancer can help save you money, but in the long run hiring a professional will be worth it.  From plumbing to writing there’s a freelancer that can help you meet your needs especially in time of low staffing such as summer.

Invest in your needs by hiring out a freelance copywriter and see the savings add up over the long haul. It’s about time.